Once we have outlined your goals through your free consultation we can then decide on what type of training sessions will be ideal for you. The most common type of training sessions are 121’s, this is completely your time and are private sessions between yourself and I. Sometimes trying new things can be overwhelming and extra moral support is needed, on that premise I also offer Two At A Time sessions and Group training. You can find more information about the different types of training sessions below.

Please note that although most workouts will be outside, depending on your needs and goals there might be certain sessions that will need to be gym based. This will also be discussed in your free consultation at the beginning as prices will vary due to gym rental fees. 

1-2-1 sessions are all about you and your goals. With these programmes targets will be set on a week by week basis with around the clock support to keep you on track. Coaching on the correct technique will be provided along with some basic skills and tips that will set you up for life.  

images-3Not keen on starting off with a 121 session, why not bring a friend? With this type of training I will figure out separate plans to meet the needs of you and your training partner, so although your workouts will be the same you will still have a target to aim for.
Have you got a few friends that are also interested in leading a healthier lifestyle? If so a set of Group training sessions might be perfect for you. Sessions need to be a minimum of 3 people

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