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Over the years it seems to be the perception that if women were to lift weights they would bulk out like Arnie, this however is not the case! Women genetically do not have the hormones to increase in muscle mass like Men do. Males typically carry large amounts of testosterone which constantly allows the muscles to grow and “Bulk up”.

But what about female body builders?

When it comes to female body builders, their muscle mass would come from years of constant build up and specific weight training. These are athletes who have strict training regimes and diets.

So why should women lift weights?”

Weight training is great for a variety of reasons. If your interested in loosing weight, it’s beneficial to incorporate some toning exercises as well to add definition and to also keep the skin nice and tight, lets face it no one wants to be left with excess skin.

fitness-594143_1280Muscular endurance and strength training is particularly popular with individuals training for events i.e Bike Races, Marathons, triathlon events etc. All of these require the muscles to work constantly for a set time, so weight training is a great way to build the muscles up to withstand this endurance. It’s not enough just to spend hours training on your cardiovascular strength if the muscles are struggling to keep up.

Weight training is also great to perfect Muscular Power. This is normally for developing certain skills  in sports. For example a netball player might want to increase the power in her passing, so she might train her passing skills with a medicine ball so that in a game her passes will be more powerful.

The important thing to remember is that weight training comes in all different forms, so it’s about finding what works for you! It’s not about spending hours on all the machines in the gym, or waiting around in the mens area for a free bench. Find a plan to suit your needs!

So girls now you know the truth, next time your in a gym give the dumbells some love 😉




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